March is New Hampshire’s Maple month, and the Meridan Hill Maple family is ready to celebrate! With the warmer weather heading this way, our sap has begun flowing and the bottling process is about to begin. And what better way to start this process than by opening our doors for tours and tastings? Starting on March 20th, MHM’s doors will be open for socially-distanced tours of our farm and sample tastings of our organic maple products every weekend from 8am- 4pm. Our organically-rugged products will also be for sale!

To reserve your tour, please email us at

For additional information and resources, you can visit the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association’s website. The NHMPA has great information on maple recipes, sugarhouses in the state and events.

*Our tours will be conducted while adhering to CDC guidelines. Masks are required. No parties larger than 6 people.