At Meridan Hill Maple we have rugged New England charm, a get-our-hands-dirty work ethic, and a deep appreciation for the land we consider home. That’s why we’ve vowed to take care of it as best as we can. Here are three ways we protect the land that we farm.

#1. We’re 100% solar powered.

From the sugar house to our farm’s store, we rely on the sun to provide our electricity. We have over 100 solar panels in our solar array located right beside our sugar house. Honestly, you can’t miss it when you visit us!

So, why did we choose to be solar powered? The installation of our array allows us to take advantage of renewable, green energy that benefits the health of the planet, gave us the opportunity to support a local solar energy company here in New Hampshire, and to remain operational should the electric grid be unavailable.

#2. We’re USDA Certified Organic.

Adhering to strict compliance, production and cleanliness protocols allows us to produce maple products naturally while lowering our carbon footprint. Not only are organic maple products healthier for you and your family, but it’s healthier for the land, too.

What does being USDA certified organic mean? We submit documentation annually proving we’re in compliance with all applicable protocols in order to receive our certification. We have on-site inspections where USDA officials might check our soil (for pesticides or weed killers—we don’t use ‘em), inspect the cleanliness of the production equipment in our sugar house and sap lines, our farm store and more.

The USDA certified organic label is a trusted source that shows we’re sustainable farmers and organic maple syrup producers from soil to sap harvest to syrup on store shelves.

#3. We’re committed to land preservation.

We’re committed to preserving our farm and sugar bush, the land in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire and beyond. When you’re committed to respecting the land that generously gives back to you, you don’t think twice about protecting it.

Our sustainable farming practices, which include not using pesticides, also protects New Hampshire wildlife, encourages biodiversity, and improves and maintains our farm’s ecosystems—and the conservation lands that surround our farm.

Bonus #4. We welcome Harvest Host RV guests!

During the summer and fall seasons, we welcome RVers partnered with HarvestHost the opportunity to camp out in our sugar bush to enjoy the quiet mountains and bright stars of Northern New Hampshire. Guests can pick berries and apples, sample our maple syrup, and get a tour of our sugarhouse operation.

How are Harvest Host RVers sustainable? While they’re here, they’re not consuming electricity, running water, or using air conditioning like they would be if they were staying in a hotel. They’re simply living off-grid for a night to be one with the wilderness.

We’re proud to be a sustainable, organic company, and self-proclaimed land conservationists. When you come to the farm for a tour, to pick apples or sample syrup, we also offer the opportunity to teach you exactly how we’re sustainable farmers and why it matters to the products we make and the lands we live on. Call us at (603) 481-0779 or email us at to schedule a private tour of our farm.