Gift giving shouldn’t be a drag, but it can be a struggle to find the right present. How much to spend on it, how personal it should be, and how easy it is to find are all considerations that must balance with “would I actually want to receive that?” 

Our secret to gifting success lies in the answer to a simple question: can I eat it?

Consumable gifts are great for hosts, holidays, and any other day. Eatable gifts are less likely to end up re-gifted, returned, or begrudgingly displayed whenever you come over.

Give a gift that won’t end up in the yard sale pile with our simple formula for DIY gift boxes: 

  1. Pick a theme that matches the recipient’s personality/hobbies/interests.
  2. Select a locally-made product or two that support the theme.
  3. Add a Meridan Hill Maple product that matches.
  4. Wrap it up in a sustainable fashion. (Don’t worry, we have ideas on that, too.)

Here are some sample themes and executions to get you started:

The Breakfast King

You know the guy. Anytime there is bacon to fry, the apron flies on, and he steps into the kitchen, skillet in hand, reigning over the breakfast table. Celebrate his A.M. enthusiasm with a one-of-a-kind breakfast gift box. Start with a local pancake mix like Calef’s Country Store‘s Traditional Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Barrington (bonus points that this packaging is old school). Add a handmade wooden spoon like those available at New Hampshire Bowl & Bread in Contoocook, and pair it with our 100% pure organic maple syrup. The maple leaf-shaped bottle looks great on any table.

Suggested wrapping: Try wrapping Furoshiki-style with a Lake Winnipesaukee-themed dish towel to hold the mix, spoon, and syrup. The wrapping becomes part of the gift, is reusable, and you know he’ll need a clean dish towel any way.

The Cocktail Shaker

For the person who’s aways ready with their best James Bond “shaken, not stirred” impression, put together a classic cocktail box. We’ve selected some essentials for our favorite libation—the Maple Old Fashioned—but you can customize this theme to suit any taste. (Mojitos are excellent with maple syrup instead of simple syrup!) Start with a New Hampshire Made rocks glass or two. They feature an etched outline of the great Granite State with a nice weight to them. Add in some orange bitters from Stark Brewing Co. in Manchester, and pair it with our Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup for a perfectly balanced cocktail base.

Suggested wrapping: Have a local wine shop? Stop in and ask if you can purchase a wooden wine crate to package the glass(es), bitters, and syrup in. Not only is it classy like your friend, but it’s also reusable and repurposed. 

The Hot Cuppa

Mornings happen every day, and they’re better with a nice hot cuppa coffee or tea. Whether gifting for an early bird or a not-before-caffeine type, kick their day off right with a hot beverage-themed box. Start by selecting a handmade mug. We like this one from Great Bay Pottery in Dover. It features the Old Man on the Mountain and looks comfortable to hold. Add in a sample pack of beans or teas for variety. Try the Black Tea Variety Pack from 27 Teas for tea drinkers, or the Blends Sample Pack from Hometown Roasters for coffee lovers—both companies are based in Manchester. Pair with our Maple Sugar and you’ve got a great start to any day.

Suggested wrapping: Canvas totes are a great way to wrap gifts. Place the mug, variety pack, and maple sugar in this Live Free or Die bag, and you’ve got a ‘totes awesome gift selection—and no waste.

Take the struggle out of your next gift giving occasion with our DIY gift boxes. Choose an idea from above or take our formula and create your own custom theme. The gift will be as fun to put together and give as it will be to receive.