Giving the perfect present feels great. Knowing that by shopping locally has twice the impact feels even better. When you purchase a locally-made product, shop at a small business, or buy a gift certificate to an independent eatery, gift-math lets you give twice — once to the recipient, and once to your community. The great news is that you don’t even have to spend money to be part of this equation.

What’s the second gift? 

  • HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT: Shopping local reduces environmental impact by limiting shipping and packaging needs and strengthens local supply chains.
  • INVESTING IN COMMUNITY: Supporting small businesses helps build a unique community and fosters creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • INCREASING LOCAL SUPPORT: Small businesses donate more money to local causes and charities than chains do. By shopping small, you allow them to do more good.

Almost 50% of employees in New Hampshire work for small businesses. That’s over 300,000 of your neighbors and probably someone in your family. By supporting those businesses, more of your money is staying in your local economy, and you’re contributing to the community’s overall success. We’ll deck the halls for that.

Are you wondering how to support small, local businesses without buying anything this holiday season?

Your support doesn’t have to have dollar signs in front of it to be extremely valuable to a small business like ours. Championing businesses in your community can help them expand their reach, stand out from the crowd, and gain customers — and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Here are three ways that you can boost your favorite small biz for free. 

Engage on Social Media:

By following a page on Facebook, liking a post on Instagram, or subscribing to a YouTube channel, you’re helping to increase a business’s visibility and signaling their trustworthiness to others. Your support with a simple thumbs up can help potential customers connect with a business that you already love. Consider engaging with a few of your favorite local businesses on social media to help make their season bright. Who doesn’t like a “like,” and your vote of confidence might help them expand their reach.

Write a Review:

Have you been a patron of a business in the past? Maybe you had a great anniversary dinner out earlier this year, or bought organic maple syrup at a unique general store? Even if you don’t have the opportunity to purchase goods or services again right now, you can write a review about your past experience to help other consumers feel good about doing business with them. When it comes to giving credibility, nothing is as valuable as personal insight. Take a moment to write a positive review (or two) on a platform like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, or Angi and spread some cheer to the shops, restaurants, and organizations in your community.

Attend Events:

Holiday open houses, craft fairs, and special events are about more than free candy canes! They are meant to encourage sales, foster loyalty, and build community for businesses. Even if you don’t have plans to purchase, attending a special event shows your support of a business. Nothing makes for a ho-hum gathering like poor attendance, so put on that ugly sweater and bring your holiday spirit. And sure, there’s a chance that you might slip and buy some extra goodies, but we won’t tell Santa.

Who’s the other recipient when you choose to support a business by engaging with them on social, writing positive reviews, or attending their events? YOU. With gift-math, you can support your favorite local businesses in whatever way you are able, and jingle on.